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Bonding with Baby

Spring has sprung! I am seeing more and more parents and babies out and about enjoying this change in weather which got me thinking, what is the most frequent question parents, grandparents or family friends ask me about babies? As I reflected on the many conversations had in the past and various Facebook messages it became very clear to me.... BABY MASSAGE! One thing I teach all moms (and dads too) when they come into the office is how to do abdominal massage on their babies effectively and safely. Even if your baby doesn't have 'anything wrong with them' this is a great idea to set time aside away from distractions of life for the two of you to bond. This is even great for toddlers and kids also.... Plus who doesn't like their stomach rubbed?! (oh wait, Im thinking about my dog.... oops). Check out the attached picture to get more information.

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