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Massage therapy is available at our clinic with a variety of therapists each having a unique interests and area of additional training. We look forward to helping create a happier, healthier you!

Pressure Point Massage


Here to Serve You


Originally from Northern Ontario, Chandra Kastern is a Massage Therapist with 20 years of experience in practice.  Her career as a Massage Therapist has allowed her the opportunity to master a number of manual therapy techniques such as:  trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, positional release, strain and counterstrain, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilization, active and passive stretching and Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique (LAST).  In addition to direct, hands on techniques, she is trained in instrument assisted soft tissue release, primarily using a Functional Movement Therapy (Rock) Blade as well as silicon and vacuum cups.  
Chandra enjoys treating a variety of physical conditions with a variety of techniques, tailored to each patient's stage of life, needs and goals.  Her aim is to provide individualized, safe and effective treatment by expanding and applying her skills as a manual therapist in working with soft and connective tissues.



Donna has been practicing massage since 2008 and has recently graduated from an intensive massage program where she has upgraded her massage skills even further.
Donna focuses on a therapeutic massage in a relaxing way. She thrives to have clients relaxed as possible and will work as needed into problem areas while also using soothing relaxing techniques in her full body massages. She takes a special interest in working with people’s necks and heads, whether for aches and pains or to relax and unwind. Donna is also trained in Jade Stone massages which can help to treat people in a pain free way.

Alexis followed in her mom’s footsteps and became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2017.
Being trained in muscle energy techniques has her focused on therapeutic and deep tissue massage while keeping the client as comfortable and relaxed as possible. While working directly with the soft tissues of the body, Alexis uses silicon and vacuum cupping in a variety of ways to help with fascia and mobility.
With a passion for constantly learning and growing she is enrolled in and working through a medical massage therapy certificate program with focus on soft tissue injuries. Once completed she’ll be doing some certification in pre and postnatal massages, where she has a special interest.


Ginny graduated from Alberta Institute of Massage in 2017. Prior to her career in Massage Therapy she worked in the petrochemical industry with a Chemical Technology diploma from SAIT and has also completed multiple terms of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.
Motivated with the goal of increasing clients’ body awareness and overall quality of movement, Ginny incorporates deep tissue, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and numerous other massage/stretch techniques during her treatments.
Certification in Clinical Cupping, Kinetic, TMJ intraoral and Prenatal massage have increased her options of specific areas of body work.


 Darcea graduated from massage school in 2022. Darcea spends part of her time at Aligned Together with Dr. Chelsie provided specialized soft tissue to patients prior to adjustments. The other half of her time she is with patients in her own treatment room! With a background as a personal trainer she is very interested in mobility and how the body works together. She has a dream of working with a sports team at some point in her career! 
Darcea incorporates deep tissue, myofascial cupping and numerous other massage/stretch techniques during her treatments. 


Chloe Connolly

Chloe graduated from Alberta Institute of Massage a couple years ago and has been working at their associated massage clinic up until coming to Aligned Together. Graduating with Directors Honours and the Fellow Student award, Chloe is thrilled to work alongside the practitioners at Aligned Together. They “align” with her desire to help people the best they can by using a collaborative approach and working together to serve others. Her instincts, thorough instruction, and heart of compassion guide her well while treating every client’s unique needs.

Myofascial cupping, trigger point therapy, deep transverse frictions, and joint mobilizations are her go to techniques. Lately, she has been passionate about mobility work and joint health. She has incorporated more passive, active, and resisted range of motion work and stretching into her treatments in order to do this. She makes sure to inform her clients of what they can be doing at home to prolong the benefits of a massage and take care of their body in a way only an individual can. And then sometimes…there’s nothing quite like a relaxation massage to calm the body and the mind. Chloe has a heart for women and infant health and will continue her education by completing pre-natal, post-natal, and breast cancer survivor/ post mastectomy courses.

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